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Thread: Free ideas for RA and random musing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean K. View Post
    I can't figure out why the current G29 only holds 10 rounds. It should hold 12 as is based on the fact that the G20 holds 15 and the G21 holds 13 rounds while the G30 holds 3 less...which means the current G29 should hold 3 less; not 5 less.
    Because 10 rounds are safer. At least that's what the clowns in Sacramento tells me.
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    Basically, a "large frame" G23 sized 10mm with a 4.1 or 3.6"ish bbl and 13+1 capacity would seem like an ideal set up for a CCW size Glock 10mm. I know I'd buy one right now.
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