What Would Stoner Do 2020
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Thread: What Would Stoner Do 2020

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    What Would Stoner Do 2020

    I'm intrigued by this from a historical standpoint. On the other hand, "yet another AR".

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    I watched their earlier builds and videos on this topic and found some of their ideas intriguing but disagreed with others. Some are solely preference based of course and I’m sure they’d disagree with me as well. The options are so many and varied nowadays it’s an interesting exercise to speculate.
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    Pretty fun to think about. I'm guessing Stoner would have probably designed a different platform, maybe something hybrid. Maybe an AR-180 on a AR-15 lower. I guess Brownells already did that. I get this feeling they're using Stoner as an unpaid silent partner. WWSD is pretty good marketing. But in reality, it's here's our new and improved lower, because our old one sucked.
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