Quality and service in this industry...
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    Quality and service in this industry...

    One aspect of my recent experience with a non-performing PRI mag that was shipped with my new XCR has got me thinking. Almost everyone here, and on the 68forums, encouraged me to contact PRI directly. As Terra points out, "they would want to be aware". I understand they would, but why is this my job? I certainly bear the costs of the distribution and dealer system. Should not this system be the conduit of information such as this? If not, what's the benefit to an end consumer such as myself?

    In a more general sense, there seems to me (this is purely subjective - no doubt there are other opinions) quite a bit of tolerance for poor quality on the part of gun owners. I use the toaster analogy. I buy a toaster from Target. IF it pops the toast out, it comes out all mangled (like my ammo in my PRI mag). What do I do? I return it to Target for another brand. No problem. Does Target ask me to "contact the manufacture" Of course not. If you have warranty trouble with your car, do you "contact the manufacture" or do you take it to the dealer (which you paid for in the price of that car) and let them do it?

    Perhaps the gun industry is more of a niche industry than I realize, and thus I am expecting too much.

    Robinson has come through for me this time fer sur (they are replacing the non-performing mag).

    In any case, I personally have found these pleas interesting. Obviously I am not going to be contacting PRI.

    I used to work for Lantech, one of the first manufactures in the USA to successfully implement the Toyota production system. We had a distribution system, and we got information from it all the time. There is a reason USA manufacturing is in decline. Sometimes, I am ready to say "good riddance"...
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    Re: Quality and service in this industry...

    with a car, your dealer IS you manufacturers direct representative.

    Of course you are welcome to return a defective gun product to the person you bought it from for rectification. the thing is, is that RA probably has the exact same thing to send back to you, and the odds that it is the thing you just returned are high.

    If you go directly to the manufacturer, many will just send you a new part of the most current type without requiring you to return it, OR will send a call tag for it to be shipped back.

    It's always a good idea to go to the manufacturer directly and explain what the problem is. In the firearms industry you will find that many companies are small and run by the owner directly who is probably the guy answering the phones or making the product himself. They will be able to address your problem to the highest level of satisfaction, where a dealer may only be able to send you out another example of the same product.



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