Questions about new XCR-M
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Thread: Questions about new XCR-M

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    Questions about new XCR-M

    Greetings all
    I have a couple of questions regarding the XCR-M before I make a purchase, and I was wondering if any wisdom could be shared here:

    1.) Given that the rifle would be used in a tactical/personal defense capacity which (exposed) gas block would you recommend to ensure the best all around viability for the following considerations: Suppressor use, overall weight, and reliability under harsh conditions?

    2.) Would the 12 inch light weight barrel be sufficient to support the previously stated purpose? Would heat and related stresses be a concern for this pattern of barrel in tactical situations?*

    Any tips from owners with a 12 inch bbl would be appreciated as well. Thanks for any guidance and help you can provide!

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    I have a 12" XCR-M. It's a lot of fun and pretty nice in terms of portability. That said, there's a LOT of drop out of a 12" bbl for obvious reasons. Hell, a 16" is short for .308.

    With a can, it's just a little longer than a 16".

    I have the type 2 and type 3 blocks (*EDIT*...the type 2 is on my 16" -M). I personally prefer the Type 3 for the simplicity and adjustability.

    I'd go light over heavy bbl since it's already 8.5 lbs without an optic.
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