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    Approx. wait time

    Hello. New member and hopefully new buyer of a XCR-M. I placed an order through the website for a XRC-M 6.5 CM. Does anyone know the wait time before they ship? Sorry if this is the wrong section.

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    They usually say 6-8 weeks. That's bumped up to 10(maybe 12?) recently. I've gotten lucky a couple of times and had them ship well below that time frame but those are definitely the exception. I put an order in the middle of Jul that was supposed to be 6-8 weeks. I emailed them last week and was told it'd be another 2 weeks.

    Did you get one of the "immediately" rifles? If so, that should cut down your time considerably but I've also seen that it takes a couple of weeks to get the rifles in hand from the time they're "ready".

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    It's 10 allegedly...but with the parts orders I've recently put in from July, I think it's going to be a lot longer. That said, parts orders seem to be taking a back seat to building production guns...which I get, but if you tell a customer a lead time, you should hit it...not push them to the back to build complete guns (unless someone ordered it prior).
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    Hey double A ron

    I'd guess close to new years. Probably waiting on your snowflake barrel. Don't let salt play with it. In the mean time build some loads.


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