Accuaracy after barrel change
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Thread: Accuaracy after barrel change

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    Accuaracy after barrel change

    Just watched a video of the SCAR with a demo of swapping the barrel. Looks to be a PITA, but they mentioned accuracy within 1 MOA after the swap. (This is a barrel change, not a caliber change)

    Anyone know how the XCR would do in accuracy after a barrel swap?

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    Re: Accuaracy after barrel change

    Good question, next time I shoot I will take my buddies 6.8 barrel and swap between his and mine.
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    Re: Accuaracy after barrel change

    If I recall, RA tested theirs as well, and they return to within one MOA as well. it was posted on their website at one time.

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    Re: Accuaracy after barrel change

    You're right. Found it

    What go me thinking was watching the SCAR video and how much easier and faster an XCR barrel change is. Then I read where it is possible FN was using such a complicated system to get better accuracy between changes.


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