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Thread: Home defense with firearms.

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    Re: Home defense with firearms.

    Only to prevent death or serious bodily harm to you or another person. In Utah property can not be defended with a firearm.

    There is also the mutual combat law that says if you get into a fight "Mutual Combat" then you cannot legally use a firearm to protect yourself.
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    Re: Home defense with firearms.

    If somebody is breaking in to my house I don't think I would wait to see if they were just going to steal my tv or shoot me. I'd assume the latter and take appropriate measures.

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    Re: Home defense with firearms.

    I don't know about other states, but Michigan has the "castle" laws or at least these have been upheld by the courts. If they are IN your house you can shoot, not simply on the property but inside the homestead (home invasion). Its stupid in many ways, but alternately anyone could tie up the courts with every shooting case claiming self defense. IMO pull the trigger, if you believe you acted in the defense of your life, that of your family, friends, or the immediate community, you can then lawyer up, give your statement and move on. Its a ton of BS to defend yourself and others, but better than doing nothing by far
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    4. If your shooting stance is good, you're probably not moving fast enough or using cover correctly
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    Re: Home defense with firearms.

    Regarding the first article... the stress of an IDPA stage makes me throw shots from time to time. Any hits made under the stress of a real break-in or other life/death situation are impressive to me. Adrenaline dump, moving target... hits are impressive.

    Regarding the second article... the first superhero there sounds like a world class asshat. That is the kind of guy that gives CCW a bad name, folks. Gecko45's cousin, no doubt. The second guy doesn't sound too bright either (injected himself into a situation he knew nothing about), but at least he had somewhat of a reason to believe someone's life was in danger, and the confrontation in which he tried to intervene was still ongoing.

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    Re: Home defense with firearms.

    I think the old saying "it's better to be tried by twelve than carried by six" applies here.

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