Just Bought an XCR-L
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Thread: Just Bought an XCR-L

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    Just Bought an XCR-L

    Well this must be my week for XCR stuff... I just joined the forum here a few days ago, since I've finally started thinking seriously about getting a 5.56mm rifle (I've been a M14 type of guy for the past several years). So I was thinking either going bare bones w/ a Stag Model 8 short-stroke piston driven rifle (I will not own a DI gas system AR, just my preference), or spending a reasonable amount more for an XCR. I've been on the fence because my 5.56mm rifle will not likely be my go-to rifle, but I do think it's an essential caliber to own if the SHTF due to availability of ammo. So go cheaper because it won't be a primary, or go good because, well, why not have the best gun you can get??? And I've seen Bravo run two of his three XCRs in training the past couple summers, so I have no questions about the quality.

    Well the decision was made a lot easier last night when I came across a used/as-new XCR on Gunbroker. I e-mailed the seller (dealer) and he assured me it's a safe queen from one of his regular customers. His feedback is A+ so I went ahead and bid. As of about 90 minutes ago, nobody else placed a bid so I won the auction at the No Reserve price of $1499.

    The gun has no sights, has the heavy barrel, has the newer gas system and Vltor collapsable/folding stock. There's no ambi safety so I assumed it also has the older trigger - the dealer didn't know but I'll find out soon enough (and had factored that & sights into my max bid).

    I told Bravo I probably wouldn't be able to do a training course this year because I'm focusing on paying off debts. Then I go & do this. :
    Well, it is an XCR so I hope he'll be able to forgive me. ;D
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    Re: Just Bought an XCR-L

    Welcome to the club.


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