Specs on 6.8 Barrels?
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Thread: Specs on 6.8 Barrels?

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    Specs on 6.8 Barrels?

    I understand the 6.8 barrels use the SAAMI 2 (improved) chamber and 1:10 twist. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    How many grooves are used in the barrel?


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    Re: Specs on 6.8 Barrels?

    I have no earthly idea...... but it shoots great. :dontknow: :toast: :sniper:
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    Re: Specs on 6.8 Barrels?

    I thought I heard somewhere that it was 5 grooves. Maybe it is 4. Shoots pretty good if you ask me. Email Terra, she can find out for you.
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