Alex does a good sales pitch, but...?
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Thread: Alex does a good sales pitch, but...?

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    Alex does a good sales pitch, but...?

    It sounds pretty good, but I know from browsing these forums for the last couple years that things aren't that simple.

    So... let me start by making it clear that I can't afford to buy guns that are for anything but the real world/real life. What I mean by that is that anything I buy is for the purpose of being used--either self defense, home defense, or something worse (Katrina, LA Riots, etc.). I'm not a recreational shooter. I aspire some day to be a proper gun nut like many of you, but neither the schedule, living location, or budget allows for it right now.

    I love the concept of the XCR. I don't like the ergonomics of the AR, particularly the charging handle, and I love the folding stock for storage and transport. The other stuff like swapping calibers is cool but not so important. Reliability and no need for babying (lube, cleaning, etc.) is high on my priority list. I like the trend in ARs toward piston systems, coatings systems, etc. but I'm trying to stay away from ARs if I can.

    I've seen many of the arguments against the XCR as a doomsday gun related to parts availability, parts swapping, service support, etc. but I really don't care--what matters to me is if the gun will work without problems or not. If it fails, I move on to another gun--I'm not going to worry about being able to fix stuff that breaks in the SHTF scenarios. All I care about is ammo and magazine compatibility with other guns in a worst-case scenario when I'm in a group environment.

    So... is the XCR worth my hard-earned money as I build my personal collection, or not? I like the idea of standardizing on a platform if possible, and on paper the XCR gives me a lot of options. Do the standard criticisms I've heard for years apply to my situation?

    Thanks for the thoughts...

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    Get one. Sure, a few bad ones have escaped. And yes, RA is slooooooow to release product.
    If you can live with that and are prepared to commit to a 400rd break in with brass ammo you will be fine.
    Also, they can weigh a lot depending on how you configure the upper and barrel.
    I would love a new L with keymod upper

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    You mentioned trying to stay away from ARs. What is your alternate option? What calibers are you planning on using? In terms of reliability, an AK will likely beat an AR in testing- but in real world application I'm not sure. I would suggest an HK 416 as another option, or if you want to go to 7.62x39, a CZ58 is a good option.

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    Weather or not the XCR is for you I think depends on the kind of guy you are. Are you the kind of guy that is willing to listen to others advise and able to use simple tools or are you going to immediately lose faith, bitch that the platform sucks and try to send it back to Robinson if it needs tweeking. So far I have yet to hear of a owner coming here with a problem and not have the guys here help/guide the owner to getting the rifle running like a top. A very low percentage of parts have actually failed that I've seen here. Most of the time the chambers just needed a quick polish and the rifle ran. But that seems to be subsiding.

    Anyway, it's gonA come down to owners attitude. It's a badass platform that's built like a tank, but might need just a bit of tuning and will then blow the doors off most other rifles! So it's your call. If you do buy and have a problem the forum will help, and Kermit or Navelbeaver will do there best to get you any parts needed. This is a cool little community.

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    You want to run any ammo. You want to minimize malfunctions. Adjustable gas system. Piston. Fixed ejector. Simple, solid bolt that could club a seal. Buy it and run it like a mule all the way to the apple farm.
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    Thanks for the replies, guys. I'm definitely the "figure it out and fix it yourself" kind of guy, and I love the simplicity, common tools, etc. The engineer in me is very attracted to the design. The AK often comes up in these conversations, and I have nothing against the AK for what it is, but I like the idea of a modern design with all the modern features that can keep up with the AK. I really like the idea of one platform that covers multiple calibers, barrel lengths, etc. that I can standardize on as I build my collection but with different applications for different guns.

    As has been said here before, it's a real shame Alex didn't maximize what he had going for him a few years ago by going big fast, perhaps by partnering with one of the big boys. Now it seems like everybody is duplicating his design concept--the latest I've seen is the Beretta ARX-100 (there's big market appeal in a gun that's fielded by a military force) and some new Polish gun I saw on YouTube from Shot Show (supposedly being tested by the Polish military right now, with a bullpup version coming). If he wants to get ahead of the curve again, he needs to start working on a bullpup version of his design...

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    Quote Originally Posted by John12345 View Post
    As has been said here before, it's a real shame Alex didn't maximize what he had going for him a few years ago by going big fast, perhaps by partnering with one of the big boys.
    Yup. But don't let Alex's lack of ambition for the XCR dissuade you from buying one -- it's a great rifle.


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