M96 Recon barrels
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Thread: M96 Recon barrels

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    M96 Recon barrels

    If your going to do a production run on the M96 Recon carbines, would there be any chance that you could have extra barrels made for those of us that have Expedition rifles? Maybe it could be done on a pre-order basis so you wouldn't get stuck with extra barrels. I'd love to have the carbine option for my Expedition. PLEASE!! PLEASE!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: M96 Recon barrels

    We are working on a special run of M96s. I do not have an ETA. They should be making extra of everything for me. I will keep M96 customers updated.
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    Re: M96 Recon barrels

    Thanks Terra, Thats what I was hoping for, so there is a least a chance that you will have Recon barrels for us. You and the company always seem to be right on.. Thanks


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