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Thread: XCR new configuration

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    Re: XCR new configuration

    I like it , any time you can lighten the front end is good for me . If your worried about breakin the gas tube you got bigger problems . I think it looks cool to . VB3 got the right idea . I see alot of bitchen without any of you trying it out first . Any of the guys carrying a weapon all day long and not just playing at the range . Carry the weapon for a few weeks then bitch . :-\
    Thats my :2cents:

    Where'd all these cry babys come from anyway ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    Re: XCR new configuration

    Apparently there's an impression that a less than two inch ring of aluminum just lightened the rifle by 2 pounds? Like it or not, tried it or not, it's an opinion. Whatever floats your boat.
    When have any of our plans ever actually worked? We plan, we get there, all hell breaks loose.

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    Re: XCR new configuration

    It is also not just weight, it's about balance.

    ...and yes, where did all these crybabies come from. Your bullets are light, your rifles are light and no one walks much either. quit being so fricking sad. A bit of weight also helps absorb recoil and muzzle rise.

    Frickin wussies
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    Re: XCR new configuration

    Ok...What if some of us just like the look of the exposed gas tube? I think it looks mean and when the new stock is released, I'm buying one in the SF config.

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