new XCR owner has questions!!
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Thread: new XCR owner has questions!!

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    new XCR owner has questions!!

    Hey all,
    so, bought my new XCR off the shelf at a dealer a few days ago. Im trying to determine if this model is a newer batch model, or older batch that may suffer the Loctite issues of the older batch. Input PLEASE!
    here is some specs on mine:
    XCR-L in Flat Dark Earth
    NO "XCR" engraved on the right side of magwell
    Has the "winter" trigger guard
    Fixed tube buttstock (upgraded to Dlask adapter)
    Midwest Ind. Iron sights
    does not have ambi mag release
    Trigger does feel VERY light, at around 4Lbs

    Picture for reference....

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    Re: new XCR owner has questions!!

    Should not have any 'loctite' issues. The rails have the space down the centre? Look like gen2, the FDE was offered from then to now. Does not hurt to check though and every time you clean it.

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    Re: new XCR owner has questions!!

    Congrats !

    Now go shoot the crap out of it ;D
    No,,he's chaos, I'm mayhem,,,we're a duo act,,

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