New member seeking XCR advice
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Thread: New member seeking XCR advice

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    New member seeking XCR advice

    Greetings to all.

    I know a gentleman who has a NIB 5.56mm XCR with the 16" medium (heavy?) weight barrel for sale. The gun does indeed appear to be new and un-fired and shows no evidence of use. Along with the rifle, he is including 10 polymer mag-pul "window" magazines, the flip-up sights, a phantom flash-hider, and 1500 rds of S&B ammo, as well as numerous different grips. The price is VERY right and I'm 98% sure I am going to get the gun. However, I do have one concern: the rifle is an early production model, which he purchased in August of '07. It has the 4 position gas-regulator, as oposed to the newer 5(6?) position regulator. I would like to know if anyone else has an older gun, such as this, and how well it performs compaired to the newer production models.

    Likewise, if there are any other problems or material defects I need to be aware of, please let me know. what kind of "bugs" has the XCr demonstrated thus-far? I have an M-96 which I purchased new, in '03 and have never had a problem with it. I think Robinson built a great wepaon with the M-96 and the XCR appears to built even better. I'm sure the XCR is a fine weapon, but I'd just like to hear from some users in the field, before I commit.

    Finally, since I'll be getting such a great deal on this gun, I intend to purchase the 6.5mm conversion kit for my rifle. I have NO experience with the 6.5mm round and would love to hear from users who have fielded this caliber in their XCR rifles. I've heard nothing but good about the 6.5mm and want to know if it is truely as bad-ass as everyone is claiming (keep in mind, my heart and soul belong to the FAL....7.62x51 is the gold standard for an "assault' or battle rifle round.....).

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    Re: New member seeking XCR advice

    The 6.5 kit has not been released yet; only a few 6.8s are out there currently (other than 5.56 of course).

    On an older rifle, you will probably want to upgrade the gas block and firing pin. I think that is all for now.

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    Re: New member seeking XCR advice

    I've got a very early rifle and apart from the initial recall, for the hammer and firing pin, and my personal distaste for the trigger it has been fine. It is reliable and reasonably accurate and you will enjoy it.
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