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    Piston fit in gas block

    I disassembled the piston and gas block and found that the fit of the piston is very loose like a 16th of a inch. Is this right. Seems like it's way to sloppy.
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    Break in issues

    I ordered a new 223. Revision J (keymod) and was breaking it in today and noticed a few issues.
    Here's the scenario.
    Using 55. Grain winchester match ammo
    Well lubed with mobi 1 0-40 synthetic ...
  3. Just got mine today!! 223-l revision j with...

    Just got mine today!!

    223-l revision j with 18.5" barrel 1/9 twist
    It has the buffer on the bolt carrier and it is in fact fluted.
    Can't wait to send some hot rocks through her this weekend.
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