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  1. 7.62x39mm
    Hi All! So I have a new XCR MINI and a left over 16in 7.62x39mm HEAVY barrel from my 1st gen XCR. I already have all of the parts necessary to run the 16 and have done with great success however I am now going to send the barrel to ADCO to have the cut it down and re-thread it. My questions...
  2. Trading Post Classifieds
    Looking for FAST stock, New or Used WTB FAST stock, please let me know if you have one for sale
  3. Trading Post Classifieds
    For Sale/For Trade: Remington 799 in in 7.62x39 purchased new in 2009. In like new condition, with the box. Looked for dings or dents, couldn't find anything of note. I have fired it, but I want to say 50 rounds total. Let's say 100. It kicked more than I thought it would, and it gave me...
  4. Problems
    Hi Everyone, I just purchased my XCR in 7.62X39 a week ago, been out shooting with it twice. First time i ran about 60rds of Steel through it, Failure to Eject 100% of the time, on gas setting 4. I went online and read through some threads regarding this issue, suggesting a "break in" period of...
  5. 7.62x39mm
    I ordered two of Cproducts Defense "newest" generation mags after talking to Larry Panca on the phone last October. I love my XCR but steel cased has never run reliably out of any of my Cproducts mags. After talking with Larry on the phone, I was convinced that their newest generation mag would...
1-5 of 5 Results