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    I have an XCR-L and want to put a folding tube adapter for an A2 style buffer tube on it. I haven't had any luck finding one online and will pay top dollar. Thanks, Al
  2. Trading Post Classifieds
    Offering $300 plus your choice of a folding M4 stock adapter or a Life Industries pic rail adapter. EDIT: just closed on a deal pending reciept of stock, thanks for the responses everyone.
  3. Trading Post Classifieds
    SOLD - XCR Folding Adapter for AR extension tube Sold, thanks for looking.
  4. Trading Post Classifieds
    2013 Robinson XCR Parts for Sale: UPDATE 3/19/13: Rifle has been SOLD to Sig. Thank you for your interest. I am considering selling my new XCR-L in parts and pieces, like Bolster did, which I received new from Kermit in February of 2013. I have recently purchased a Steyr AUG A3 and what can I...
1-4 of 4 Results