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  1. Trading Post Classifieds
    I have a STD XCR-L (in my profile picture) that has STD gas. I had a 12in barrel I sent in for RMA and it got lost in transit. I have an 11in on order, but it going to be forever. I just found this website and was hoping I could find a 9.5" 1:7 type 3 conversion with op rod/spring and gas tube...
  2. Robinson Armament
    I just wanted to know whether or not the barrels are cold hammer forged. I can't seem to find the details anywhere on the website. Thought the people here would know. I already have an XCR-M on order and just wanted to know as much as possible. And based on people's experience are the current...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi folks, I would just like to mention something that seems obvious to me about firearms that many people don't seem to pay much attention to, and that is barrel weight. Chances are that if your gun isn't manually operated, and sporting a high magnification scope, the difference in accuracy...
  4. Trading Post Classifieds
    Let me know if you got one!
1-4 of 4 Results