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  1. Trading Post Classifieds
    Looking for a FAST 2 stock (Preferably Black) if anyone has an extra that they’re looking to get rid of.
    $300 USD
  2. Trading Post Classifieds
    I have an XCR-L and want to put a folding tube adapter for an A2 style buffer tube on it. I haven't had any luck finding one online and will pay top dollar. Thanks, Al
  3. Trading Post Classifieds
    Offering $300 plus your choice of a folding M4 stock adapter or a Life Industries pic rail adapter. EDIT: just closed on a deal pending reciept of stock, thanks for the responses everyone.
  4. Trading Post Classifieds
    I am seriously WTB - XCR - Fully Adjustable Stock (FAST) i have not been able to Find anywhere that has these (other than Airsoft Crap) please some body help me or point me in the Right Direction!!!!
  5. Stock
    I am looking for the AR adapter for my xcr. I have been trying to find on the xcr website but I can't and the gun stores are useless. Dose anyone know the price of the adapter? Is there a better solution to upgrading my stock.
  6. Trading Post Classifieds
    SOLD : Stock Sale / FAST and ACE I have two FAST stocks for sale $200 each & two ACE original style XCR stocks for sale $100 each. One ACE is the normal LOP shipped on rifles, the other is the shortest they came as from RobArm. ACE stocks do not have mounting screw. Shipping $8.00 each USPS...
1-6 of 6 Results