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  1. Trading Post Classifieds
    I have a STD XCR-L (in my profile picture) that has STD gas. I had a 12in barrel I sent in for RMA and it got lost in transit. I have an 11in on order, but it going to be forever. I just found this website and was hoping I could find a 9.5" 1:7 type 3 conversion with op rod/spring and gas tube...
  2. Trading Post Classifieds
    Hi everyone, I’m searching for a FAST1 or 2 stock for my early XCR-L which still has the original side folder (if anyones interested in that too). Let me know if you might have one looking for a new home 👍
  3. General Discussion
    Since there is and XCR-"Light" and XCR-"Medium" varieties, it stands to reason that there will be an XCR-H for "Heavy". Robinson seems to have their hands full at the moment, but I feel from the winds I'm reading from them that going to a Heavy caliber rifle is an aspiration of theirs. With no...
  4. General Discussion
    Hi folks, I would just like to mention something that seems obvious to me about firearms that many people don't seem to pay much attention to, and that is barrel weight. Chances are that if your gun isn't manually operated, and sporting a high magnification scope, the difference in accuracy...
  5. 7.62x39mm
    Hi All! So I have a new XCR MINI and a left over 16in 7.62x39mm HEAVY barrel from my 1st gen XCR. I already have all of the parts necessary to run the 16 and have done with great success however I am now going to send the barrel to ADCO to have the cut it down and re-thread it. My questions...
  6. 5.45x39mm
    After about an 18 month wait, I was able to secure a 5.45x39 kit as well. Installed kit on my -L and hit the range today. Due to limited time, I was only able to pop 2 boxes of SilverBear 60grn FMJ. My rifle is well worn and my bolt carrier has 16k cycles on it. With the brand new kit and...
  7. Trading Post Classifieds
    I am seriously WTB - XCR - Fully Adjustable Stock (FAST) i have not been able to Find anywhere that has these (other than Airsoft Crap) please some body help me or point me in the Right Direction!!!!
  8. Stock
    I am looking for the AR adapter for my xcr. I have been trying to find on the xcr website but I can't and the gun stores are useless. Dose anyone know the price of the adapter? Is there a better solution to upgrading my stock.
  9. General Discussion
    Does anyone know who the manufacture is of the hand grip on the XCR-L? Thank you in advance. (I sold my XCR to Sig, but I might want this same grip on my next black rifle, a PWS MK114).
  10. General Discussion
    anyone mount the nikon m-308 on there XCR-M yet, looks interesting. it seams to be set up for 168 grain hollow points ??? any other options under $1000.00 ???
  11. Problems
    Hi Everyone, I just purchased my XCR in 7.62X39 a week ago, been out shooting with it twice. First time i ran about 60rds of Steel through it, Failure to Eject 100% of the time, on gas setting 4. I went online and read through some threads regarding this issue, suggesting a "break in" period of...
  12. Trading Post Classifieds
    FOR SALE: Robinson Arms XCR-L 5.56mm $1975.00 I have opted to sell my brand New, fired 125 times, Black, 5.56mm w/ 1/9" twist, light contour barrel, XCR-L rifle. I am the original owner, and just purchased this fine rifle NIB from Kermit in February of 2013. HAS ALL THE LATEST FACTORY UPGRADES...
  13. Trading Post Classifieds
    2013 Robinson XCR Parts for Sale: UPDATE 3/19/13: Rifle has been SOLD to Sig. Thank you for your interest. I am considering selling my new XCR-L in parts and pieces, like Bolster did, which I received new from Kermit in February of 2013. I have recently purchased a Steyr AUG A3 and what can I...
1-13 of 13 Results