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12 guage conversion?

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Is there anything in the works for a 12 guage conversion?
I was looking at the Tromix conversion of the Saiga shotguns and they look sweet, but they are not even taking orders till 2009 since they have such a backlog of orders.
The XCR's ergonomics would be much better than the AK style.
So it seems like the market is out there, and the XCR conversion would make a better product than what is currently available, but can it be done? Maybe not with the XCR-L version, but what about the medium?
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Hey Man,

I have a Saiga 12C. Mine isn't a conversion but Tromix does great work. There are other folks that do them. Check out Alantic firearms. They usually have them.

Agree with you, though. They are by far the most effective fighting shotgun around. Wouldn't trade mine for a bunch of benelli's. I tought a shotgun course with mine and when we did a "rolling thunder drill" the cop next to me (armed with a standard 870), looked over and said "are you shitting me".

Later on he asked me how I did a slug select drill. I pulled out an 8 round magazine full of slugs, put it in the gun and said "8 slugs selected".

Additionally, there are a lot of folks that do basic conversions themselves, starting with the standard sporterized gun. Even these guns work great just the way they are.
wow I don't think anyone has ever suggested a 12g xcr... that would certainly be cool.

as far as the saigas go, I'd definitely like to get one some day...
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