Hey Guys,

I'm simplifying my calibers and weapons platforms, so I have several items for sale. I don't have a hard and fast price on things and I'm not trying to make a profit, more just cover costs so make an offer or we can chat back and forth on what is fair for both parties.

.264 LBC or 6.5 Grendel barrel is a Black Hole Weaponry 5R Poly Nitrided 20" upper. Includes the Radian Arms charging handle and Nickel Boron BCG with a RCA 7.62x39 Nitrided bolt, note that the Black Hole Weaponry barrel uses the 7.62x39 bolt instead of the 6.5 Grendel bolt. I could sell the lower and scope for a complete package if you want it.
Black Aircraft Line Tints and shades Symbol

I also have a little over 100 rounds of Hornady Black ELD and a half a box of Hornady Custom SST factory ammo, along with this I have a little over 200 rounds of 6.5 Grendel reloads with 90 grain Speer TNT that is spitting out at just over 3000 FPS and is sub moa out of this upper.
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Rectangle Hood Packing materials Wood Box

Radical Firearms 300 Blackout 10" upper with a NEA arms collapsable MP5 style stock which includes the special bolt carrier and recoil spring. This upper is ready to drop onto a lower and rock and roll.
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I also have several hundred factory Supers and subs and then several hundred super sonics loaded with Speer TNT 130 Varmint bullets with Accurate 1680 for a reliable moderate load.
Black Wood Rectangle Material property Composite material