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6.8 SPC 115 grain Bullet Load

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My wifes cousin called knocking me off the internet. That call lasted 1hour 45min. What to do. Hmmm, think I'll load some 6.8 SPC. Woops, no more H322....... researched the Hodhdom manual after discovering 8lbs of H335. Manual says start with 27.0 gr, for the 115gr bullet, with 29.0gr being max. Chose to go with 28.9gr and loaded 50ea Reming MC (Ball) + 50ea Midway blems. Overall length is 2.260, used new Rem cases. Will provide feedback on a calm day. At least I accomplished something today. ;D
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We really need to get you shooting over a chrono...

I received my Dillon 6.8 conversion and redding 6.8 dies this past week. Now If I could get my reloading bench set up I would be good to go. I still have enough SSA ammo to last a while so no worries. I will be going out with it this weekend for deer/hog. I finally got my walking boot off after 3 months, talk about a great way to start the new year. Hopefully I wont break my leg out hunting.
CORRECTION.... I am using 28.0 gr. of H335 for the 115gr bullet. :duh: :duh: :duh:

Aziator, Good luck on your hunt. It's getting down to 17F in my area of Alabama tonight. That is cold down here.
I figured you hit 9 instead of 0...it isn't too bad over here. Highs in the 70s, low in the 40s.
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