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Who makes the best snail magazines? If you have experance with them it would help.
Not bad, but the feed tower can crack (it is replacable) if you drop it/are rough with it. The last dozen rounds can be a motherf**ker to get in w/o a loader. Makes the entire firearm till to the left. If you are right handed, you can support the 'drum' with the crook of your left arm. If you are a lefty...you're sol!

Beta Mag.
The weight is balanced on both sides, but, on an AR, the mag catch is hard to get at. Makes the firearm rather bulbous and awkward in the middle and lastly, it is not the most durable item out there.

Neither of these magazines are tough enough for duty (LE/Mil) useage.

If you have the money to buy one, as a range toy, why not?

If you are actually looking at these for some sort of duty usage, just buy 30 round magazines. They're much cheaper and will take more abuse.
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