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A couple awesome dealers of ours.

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I just wanted to put a word out for Kermit at Wild Thang Farms. He is a really good dealer of ours, and can get you a rifle pretty fast. If you have any needs, talk to Kermit. He even connived us out of a new gas system recently.

Wild Thang Farms
3150 Fuller Rd
Emmett, ID 83617

(208) 365-6582

If you live in California, Chris with Lan World Inc. is your guy. He's always on time, and picks up the guns here himself.

Lan World Inc.
Sandy, UT 84094

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I've had the chance to work with Chris a few times as business associates. He is a great guy, professional and usually pretty dang cheap. He sells unbanned-free state models, but does a lot of work for Kaliban residents as well.

Check him out at:

Thanks, for the headsup, good info.
I bought my XCR from Kermit and couldn't be happier! he is a great guy to just B/S with and he knows that most of these weapons are bought for when the SHTF, and can advise you to what is best for that setup!

I truely enjoyed my buying experience with Kermit, and the turn around time was just a little over a week from the time I mailed the check till the gun was in my hands. ;D
Kermit is good people. knowledgeable and straight forward. I keep putting pressure on him for the small parts kits from RA, seems like he has you guy's ear.
I agree ~ I got mine at a good price and fairly quickly.
Add me to the list of people who had great ease in dealing with Kermit. He's definitely good people.
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