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A Light Question

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This isn't so much a weapons light question but Lex, if it is in the wrong place please move it.

I am looking for recommendations for a good Every Day light. I am somewhat familiar with the smaller "executive" offerings from Surefire. I am looking for something along those lines. No more than 2 123 lithium batteries, should fit nicely into my pocket or have a small clip to keep on the lip of the pocket.

Tell me what you guys use, what works and doesn't work for you. Thanks
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Can't go wrong with a SF G2. For $36, or less, it's a heck of a handy flashlight and you'll cry less if it's broken or lost. It'll fit fine in ACU/BDU pants, no clip, comes with lanyard and uses 2 123A's. I'm surprised your unit can't/won't get these. I know they sell them through GSA in bulk quantities. That's where I got mine through my old station purchase. I cry less if I lost them since it cost me $0. I actually use one as a weaponlight on my XCR and I keep one in each vehicle, my ATV, one in a locked beside case with my Glock, and a Z2 by my duty gun. I have them all over the place.
We can get those and the streamlight P6 copy. They make great lights but I was looking for something in a smaller package...maybe some of the ones that take only 1 battery.
What about the Pentagon PX1? have you seen these?


Brightness: 40 Lumens
Run-Time: 60 Minutes
Batteries: One CR-123A
Bezel Size: 1.25"
Length: 4.2" (107 mm)
Weight: 4.8 oz. (136 g)
* Swivel Belt-Clip Tail Cap
* Xenon Gas-Filled Lamp
* Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Fortified Body and Head Cap
* Momentary and Constant On/Off Tail Switch
* Double O-Ring Sealing for Waterproofing

You know these are good lights!

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A weapon light isn't the best choice for an "everyday" light. I love high peak lumens as much as the next guy, and the compactness, but almost all of the weapon-grade lights have a very low constant-on time. Couple that with constantly replacing CR123's and you have a recipe for a light that is down alot, or that costs you a small fortune in operating costs. Add to that the fact that CR123's are not always available at the local convenience store.

Of course, if you have the money, that may all be nil.

In my mind, a high-use utility light should have the following characteristics:

1)Common power source (A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9V battery)
2)Compact enough to be put into a large pocket, or worn on a belt for extended periods
3)Mid-to-high constant-on time
5)Shock resistant (drop test)
6)Brightness will be relative, since brightness in current lights is a function of bulb/diode technology and power consumption, you will trade lumens for run-time and vice-versa.

That being said, I have been carrying a Surefire 6P for years, which only has 3 of these characteristics, but it is supplemented by a Maglite 4D that stays in the truck.
The best I have found is a combo package. I have tyet to be in a situation where one or the other didn't work. YMMV.
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I have a rechargeable maglite in my work truck and a rechargeable Strion too.
You can get other brighter lights. And you should.
However, I recommend also getting a Streamlight Stylus in white. I think I have 5 of these. One is in green and nice for camping.
Cost is under $20.

It uses 3 AAAA batteries. Always available at Radio Shack.
Its LED is tough. You can jab someone with it and it will still work. It makes a good Kobutan type weapon.
I go on planes with this and have never had a second look from security. I did once with a mini MagLite. They made me take it apart.

Light shopping can be as fun as gun shopping.
I have 3 of the stylus light, white green and blue (NVG Ops). I can tell you from experience that the white one will light up the side of a chinook completely (enough to preflight) with zero illum out.

I have had them since 2001 so they are getting a little worn out but they still work. I do need to pick up some more AAAAs.
a cheap alternative to the $$$$ surefires is a palm blaze flashlight. takes 2 cr123's, has a good LED white light, tough little SOB. YMMV ;D
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