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"a Ray of Hope"

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"a Ray of Hope"

This was John Farnam's email today, of course yesterdays was even better in that it mentioned how the university officials at NIU were commenting on all the great failstops they had in place (that were not able to stop any shooter in a "gun-free" zone).

I thought this was interesting enough to pass along.

A Ray of Hope!

This note from a large retailer in the Midwest:

"I just negotiated the sale of fifty G19s to a local, private university.
In light of recent events, this university's officials have decided to
covertly arm their entire security staff, as well as a number of administrators and
professors. As part of the deal, we'll also be providing concealment
holsters, ammunition, accessories, and training, for these newly-armed academicians.

As one might expect, this is all being done with extreme secrecy, as it
constitutes an embarrassing admission by them that everything they've done up
until now to insure campus safety has been a painfully obvious failure, all
pseudo-rationalizing, excuse-making, and self-deception notwithstanding. They
have finally admitted to themselves that they've been going in the wrong

This small group of weary and frustrated, but courageous, academicians have,
at long-last, been compelled to confront the incontrovertible fact that
there is only one way to effectively deal with VCAs, and that is to confront
them, at the critical moment, with deadly force. There is no other viable

We've opened the door at least a crack!"

Comment: In our time, we have witnessed barbarous murders and mayhem in
every place pandering politicians have naively assured us is "safe:" schools,
federal buildings, military bases, churches, parks, restaurants, and our own
homes. Naively declaring these places "Gun-Free Zones" has
become a cruel

In UT and TX, legislation is moving forward that will officially permit
qualified and licensed adults, including students and staff, to go armed on

campus, as they do everywhere else. Legislation is also moving forward to
officially allow licensed CCW holders to go armed in parks and other public


Some of us, without apology and unwilling to wait on slow-motion
politicians, go armed in all those places now! We are even so bold as to believe it is
our civic and moral duty.
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Re: "a Ray of Hope"

I'm so glad I don't live in Illinios anymore.
A mall shooting, NIU and they still won't have a clue that CCW are good.
Chicago rules! :eyesclosed:
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