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Ace Socom M4 Carbine stock

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Does any one have the SOCOM M4 carbine stock on their XCR with a folding/collapsing adapter? I am looking for a collapsing stock that does not interfere with the mag release when folded. Keep in mind there are two versions of the SOCOM stock. One adjusts from 9.5" to 11.5" long and the other from 7.5" to 9.5". I would like to know specifically about the later one.
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I'd also like to hear feedback on this type stock. 8)
JBpark is supposed to have one on his soon... if he doesn't, then... i will hurt him. ;D
Not JB, but if the image I have attached shows up, here's what it looks like.

Works great--no problems except for how high I have to raise up in order to get a proper cheek-weld (that's what the friction-taped rubber pad is all about), but that would be true for me and my high cheek bones regardless of whatever (non-raised) stock I used.

Hope that helps.


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Anyone have any better pics?....that one's so large when I click on it that I can't see the whole rifle.

I have this same stock on my GP AR and LOVE it. I'm assuming all you have to do is order the folding mechanism and stock from Ace Ltd USA to install it on the XCR, right?

ETA**** I'm assuming the rifle can be fired (brass can still eject properly) with the M4 SOCOM stock folded, right?

Also, I've read two different stories about the XCR (I don't own one yet, but am researching for a possible buy). One story says the sight picture/ top rail height is the same as an AR so you shouldn't need any cheek riser to get the appropriate sight picture if you don't have to do so with an AR.

The other story says the XCR is 1/2" lower than an AR.

Which is true and what are your impressions?

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