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Advice: Break-in period

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Hello fellow XCR owners,

New XCR owner here, my first rifle. I was wondering if i should take any special precautions during the break in period. I plan on finally breaking it in one of these weekends when i get time.

Should I just pick up 300 rounds, head to the range and rock and roll?

Or should i re-lubricate the bolt and carrier after a certain # of rounds (how many rounds?), inspecting the ejector, etc?

Thanks for your help.
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That's what I did, maybe a few more rounds on top of that. I'd recommend check the ejector halfway through the 300 if you are going to do it in one sitting. Wait til the barrel cools down and also check gas block to see it came loose (barrel too-but no issue as of yet) plus the rest of the rifle's screws. Since i tightened the GB w/o loctite, it's remained tight. Come to think of it, you might want to veryfy that ethe ejector, GB, and barrel are snug before shooting. Mine might have been loose before I shot it the first time.
My first lubing stayed good for 360 rounds my first sitting.
Nice choice for a first rifle!

I would make sure the bolt, bolt carrier and operating rod are well lubed (wet) before heading to the range.

Have fun!
Should I just pick up 300 rounds, head to the range and rock and roll?
YES!!! R&R
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