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Ah, the frustration.

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For a long time now, we have not been able to import any of the VEPRs from Russia. They don't want to do business with us, they're busy building more factories. At least, that's what they've told us. So, we have not been able to get any more parts, guns, or anything else from them.
So I get these emails and phonecalls from guys wanting spare parts kits for their VEPRs. I tell them I can't sell them any... and they get upset and write me nasty emails.
It's really not something that can be helped. If a part breaks, we will be more than happy to replace it. But to send someone 10 of each spare part... that's just not something we can do.
Same for the M96. We don't have it in production anymore... we MAY, someday, start them up again... because it was a popular gun, and people really liked it. Alex has mumbled a couple times about possible making it alongside the XCR. But there's no promises there... and what we have in inventory right now is.... it.
So guys... spread the word to anyone who mentions it. I really wish I could help all these guys... It sucks that they bought a gun and can't get spare parts for it now... But there really isn't anything that we can do about it. :(
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Communication is definitely the key. Most people get upset more because there's no information or no response to their inquiries. Posting a statement on the situation on the web site hopefully would cut down the grief to you.
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