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Aimpoint M4 with LaRue Mount

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Has anyone had the Aimpoint M4 with the LaRue "Medium" Mount?

They say on their web site that this mount is "LT659-NV (Med. 1.535) for absolute-cowitness and compatibility with USGI night vision mounts".

I'm about to purchase this optic for my XCR SBR I have on order, and I'm not sure what height to get. Any Input on the mount height?

If I get the Tall Mount looks way too high for my liking, but it is compatable with their Aimpoint's 3X Magnifier pivot mount if I choose to get one later.

Ho there is too many choises!
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I called LaRue today to order the QD pivot mount LT649. I had heard someone else that they had an Eotech mounted on the GG&G riser and with that they were the same height. I called Larue and told them I was using the Eotech 553 with built in mount and did they have a pivot mount that would sit a little lower and line up better with my 553. They apperently have one but it isn't listed on the website. I will let you guys know how it works when i get out there and shoot it.
That is a pretty good price and a fine optic that you ordered. I am partial to Eotech but I think it is like trying to decide which HD Diesel truck to buy...all three "big" automakers make good ones, and when you pay that much for something you are going to get something good. Just comes down to what you like. I should be getting a package from Larue this week...I am excited.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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