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AK-XCR Lower Build Log 2023

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Regarding the Poll:

Link to Reddit thread of poll

CMMG Mag ReleaseA steel version of the mag release used in CMMG's Mk47 line of 7.62x39 rifles
  • Existing design from a large company
  • Long enough for the Lower w/ AR trigger
  • Must be remade in steel to account for steel magazines
  • Thickness of release will result in trigger hole being shortened as seen on the CMMG Mk47 line
Custom Mag ReleaseA customized mag release inspired by the CMMG mag release design but thinner
+ Long enough for the Lower w/ AR trigger while not hampering the classic trigger design of the XCR
- Proprietary part made by a single machinist somewhere
AK Mag ReleaseReuse the mag release commonly used in the AK-47 line of rifles
+ Cheaper and available
  • Parts in varying quality, difficult to ensure compatibility
  • Most likely too short to be used in the Lower w/ AR trigger

This thread will be the build log for the AK-XCR lower project. The previous thread will remain as a poll to guide the direction of new projects in the future, the first few pages of the poll include initial musings of the project however.

The following images reflect the current state of the project.

First 3D print mounted to Standard upper:
Trigger Air gun Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

Trigger Air gun Gun barrel Gun accessory Machine gun
Wood Gun accessory Everyday carry Metal Fashion accessory

Latest version of the CAD model, with CMMG mag release and AK magazine to aid in design.
Gun barrel Automotive window part Map Trigger Auto part

The goal of this project is to produce two CAD models of the AK-XCR; one that uses the XCR trigger and a taller one that uses an AR-15 trigger group. Actual production is to be focused on the AK-XCR w/ AR FCG when it's time to put endmill to metal. Development is slowed due to the final stages of the AR-XCR-L project. It's hoped to have a complete lower built by the end of this year.
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Awesome build

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