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Is it just me or do all the new rifles hitting the market all look like an XCR ?
Oh they all have the golly gee ,whiss bang this and that ,but they look like an XCR.
We have short fat XCR look alikes.
Long skinny XCR wanta be rifles.
XCR clones in drag.
Super bad ass XCR ,swat looking , knock offs.
Future Soldier , space man XCR copy's ,that will do it all including cooking.
Then you have the ones that look like an XCR ,but they have so much crap hanging off of them from the rails ,on the barrel , even attached some place ,you cant tell what rifle it is ,but it sure does look like an old Russian Satellite or something.
All of them come out saying this is the very best ,Forums light up with guys bragging that its better than anything they ever had , Bands play and the women swoon.
Until the next XCR looking rifle comes out , and like fickle groupies everyone runs over there to be first in line to trade off there old thing that looks like an XCR ,for the new thing that still looks like an XCR ,and get screwed $500.00 every time.
And if you say ,cool man ,but that looks like an XCR ,,,OH SHIT ,,,, OH no man this isn't anything like that ,this has a trigger made by Heir Hock Ninspit ,or look at this ,can an XCR do that ? (YES ) no way man your screwed and you don't know shit.
Look what i can do with my new ,Bofan 4U2PN rifle ,can your XCR do that? Ha i didn't think so! I showed you ,( ouch man ,who would want to).
(well the new model is coming out with a blow up love doll in the stock ) No shit man ,i haven't heard that ,i want one .
And they all have some story about you Alex , Alex did this or Alex did that ,and Alex was seen over there with an FN , and Alex is going to work for H&K , Alex is a spy ,Damn Alex ,you get around for a guy from Utah.
Or if you tell them their rifle looks like an XCR , they say Alex stole the design from, Bull masters ,who made this new gun i have ,and the gun they have has only been out ,or talked about for about one month. WOW Alex, your a time traveler also ?

Well all i can say is i like my XCR , and if you can do all this ,there must be a method to your madness.
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