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Ambidextrous Safety Installation

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Ambidextrous Safety Installation

The XCR Ambi Safety ($40) installs with basically the same procedure as an AR and only takes about 5 minutes. I thought I'd document it just incase someone is on the fence about attempting this easy upgrade.

You will need a 5/64 hex wrench to assemble the safety and a 5/32 hex bit to remove the pistol grip.

The Ambi Safety comes as three parts from Robinson. A new safety, 1 side lever and 1 screw. You reuse your left side lever and screw to complete the Ambi Safety.

Ambi Safety kit (5/64 hex key not included)

Step 1: (optional) With the XCR unloaded and cocked, separate the XCR's lower receiver form the upper

Step 2: Remove the screw holding the pistol grip (5/32 hex) and then slowly work the grip away from the receiver. Note that the grip retains the safety detent and detent spring. As you work off the grip you will see the spring coming out on the right side. Remove the grip, detent spring and detent. You may have to gently wiggle the safety to get the detent to drop out. (see the grip assembly picture below for the spring's location)

Step 3: With the detent removed the safety will slide out the left side of the lower receiver.

Step 4: Assemble the new safety's left side lever using the old safety as a guide

Step 5: Remove the screw and safety lever from the old safety for reuse on the right side of the new safety (step 7)

New (top) and old safety (bottom)

Removing the old safety screw and lever.

Step 6: Slide the new safety into the receiver from the left side. Turn it to the safe position.

Step 7: Attach the right side safety lever.

Step 8: Re-assembe the pistol grip by slipping the detent into its hole (pointed end first) then the detent spring and finally slip on the grip. You may need to wiggle the safety to get the detent to seat properly.


Step 9: With the XCR cocked, test the safety. It may be a bit stiff at first.

Step 10: Inspect and reassemble the XCR. I noticed a loose bolt on the ejector. I'll have to get some Loctite on that ASAP.

Note I did not use Loctite on the safety screws. I doubt it is necessary, but welcome input.
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Good Post Va-P,

I'm sure a fair few people may take the plunge and get the ambi safety now knowing how to do it, and how easy it really is.

Thanks, Looks easy enough.
Yes, identical procedure to an AR.

The only difference in the hardware there is that the standard AR ambi selector has its left side switch integrated with the center column... i.e., only the right side one is screwed on.

I found that one of mine came a little loose after a while. So now, if I have a lower that I know I won't be taking apart for a while, I will locktite that screw. On the others, I just make sure the screw is tight after ever couple of range sessions, and that will do fine until future planned mods to those lowers are complete, and I can then locktite that screw with confidence.
And always care a set of allen wrenches in the range bag...
Thanks, for sharing. Nice step by step instructions. :thanks:
Thanks, plinker Your a good teacher & the photos are nice too!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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