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Ammo choices

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AMMOMAN has several varieties of 7.62x39 available. What's the best choice for the XCR and why?

Choices are
Russian Golden Tiger, 124gr FMJ $189/1000
Wolf, FMJ w/Polymer Coating $199/1000
Wolf, JHP w/Polymer Coating $199/1000
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I just shot some .223 wolf in my XCR for the first time tonight. As expected, it is a bit underpowered and I had to move my gas setting from 2 (Radway) to 3 to avoid a few ejection issues. I actually had the bolt catch miss on 3 once. I'm just now at 500 rounds in my XCR.

I'm saying all this because I'd imagine there is a little bit of break-in with a new bolt an barrel, and wolf may not be the best choice at first.

Otherwise, I'd personally go with the cheapest for plinking! ;D

http://www.copesdist.com/ammo.htm has Golden Bear a bit cheaper if the shipping costs are under $20. One good and bad thing about ammoman is the shipping is included.

Does anyone sell Russian ammo in bulk packages? I'd like to think the packaging would be cheaper than 20 round boxes.
Hey guys, we all probably all bought an XCR for the same reason, the adjustable gas system. Unlike the AR we dont just say "oh Fuck" when it won't cycle...... we can open the port and "OH FUCK ;D ;D ;D" when it works. I have over 300 rounds of a VERY accurate .223 load that will NOT cycle in my AR's......... but the XCR just keeps on puking. :2cents:
The best choice in 7.62x39 is whatever is cheapest.
Cope Dist. had Golden Tiger at $159.95 a 1,000, that's a pretty good deal for the average plinker. :2cents:
gunner69, could you supply a link to Cope dist. Thank's Mike
Try www.copesdist.com they have a lot of goodies. :duh:
Thank's gunner69,and a Happy New Year to you and your family.Mike ;D ;D
Anyone in Canada know a place that sells cheap 7.62x39 that is non corrosive. I have a couple cases of corrosive 7.62x39 but I don't want to shoot that in my XCR when it gets here save that for the cheap sks.
No idea, I load all my own ammo. It's cheaper, more accurate and well, fun.
Anyone in Canada know a place that sells cheap 7.62x39 that is non corrosive. I have a couple cases of corrosive 7.62x39 but I don't want to shoot that in my XCR when it gets here save that for the cheap sks.
My buddy gets a lot of stuff from marstar. I dont see why you couldnt shoot corrosive in the XCR. the barrel is chrome lined and gas piston is stainless, much like the AK. that yugo M67 stuff is good stuff and only the priming compound is corrosive.

dont mean to be an ass, but people who wont shoot corrosive, steel case, bimetal, or any of the cheap ammo when it will function fine in thier guns are grossly underestimating thier guns, dont care about ammo cost, and apparently dont need more trigger time.

It's all good by me guys, you have fun, I'll be out shooting the crap out of that cheap ammo and getting really good with it. when the day comes that I need to use my guns for serious work, they'll be sighted in, ready for action, and i'll be REALLY good at killing things with it. those princesses that didnt want to ruin thier extractor or get rust on thier bolt will still be trying to figure out why thier gun wont feed with that $100/oz gun lube and fancy plastic mags while they are still trying to figure out why they cant hold zero from the bench (hint: it's because they have 15 different kinds of ammo they bought from the gun show because it was the cheapest, but there was only one box)

people are funny, particularly gun owners. they spend $1500 on a gun, then put a POS scope for $300 on it and buy ammo that they are afraid to shoot because it cost too much money. Seems like every XCR for sale on this site didnt even have enough rounds thru it to break it in, but the owner spent money on fancy stocks and trigger jobs. reminds me of the old adage "a fool and his money are soon parted"


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Well I am not one of the people you talk about. Especially in the scope department. I bought both an elcan SpectorDR and an eotech with a 3x magnifier for the gun. I don't mind paying more money for quality ammo that is non corrosive but I don't want to be spending $1 a pop if you know what I mean. About 5 years ago it was no problem to buy non corrosive ammo for cheap $150 for 1000 was average. I would be willing to spend $400 a 1000 if I could get this ammo but that in Canada at the moment seems impossible. I don't mind cleaning my guns either but having to spend over an hour cleaning because of corrosive ammuntion is what annoys me. And yes I do like a pretty gun. In the worst case situation I would buy 2 or 3 XCRs and keep one for being pretty and the other two for real usage.
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