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Ammo for Break In

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I am looking for the best deal on ammo for break in I am not going to be able to do the group buy so I am looking for a place that I can order about 3000 rounds of 5.56 / .223
for the cheapest price possible hopefully no more than 800 dollars I also hope to get about 2000 rounds of 40SW from the same place
and I hope that the total order will not be over 1300 dollars but I want the ammo to be good for breaking in my XCR I am going to be getting into reloading soon so I would like the cases to be reloadable.Thank you for your help
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try out dome prvi partisan form Aim surplus
That is Yugo (Slavic) ammo, and good. You might also try www.sportsmansguide.com If you are a member (about $30 a year off the top of my head) you get 10% discount. Anything over $150 can be done in 4 payments off your card. In the 10 years I have shopped with them I only sent one thing back that was broke, and they happily returned my money. If you apply for, and are accepted, their credit cart you get another 2 1/2 % off. Some great buys there. :2cents:
I think the prvi is good stuff, it works really well in my xcr.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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