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Another good ammo buy....

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Don't reload? Don't like Wolf? Midway has a special on Privi Partizan 5.56x45(.223 cal)M193 55gr FMJ. Case of 1,000 (50 boxes of 2o) at $339.99. Visit http://www.midwayusa.com

This is boxer primed and reloadable.
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Aim has:
1) .223 62gr HP silver bear for $120 per 500 ($240 per 1000)
2) .223 M193 Prvi for $330 per 1000
3) .223 Prvi 75gr HPBT match ammo for only $79 per 200 ($395 per 1000)

I love the 75gr Prvi, to me it is almost as good as match ammo at half the price!
how does the 75gr prvi shoot? accuracy?
I'll try to get you a picture. I have found it shoots just as good as FGMM except with this ammo there are "flyers" every 10 rounds are so. With FGMM I have never found a "flier". The flier will be about 2" away from the main group, so it's not so bad. I only tested 5 boxes last time, so maybe I had a bad batch or a good batch? Once I get it some in, I plan to see what my Noveske can do with it this time.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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