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Recently the Obama Team was looking into controlling and shuting down all cell phone traffic in an area if needed as a precautionary measure to prevent what was seen in India last Month.
Recently the Israeli Army in Gaza reported that Hammas was useing SWR devices to coordinate its fire control and troop movements.
Although this is nothing new , The Frequency, and the power being used was .
A code or a scrambling device was in play , to the Human ear it only sounded like a form of static , but it was deliberate and was only discovered by a Ham Radio operator by accident.
Now the FCC is looking into the possibility of Terrorist in this Country also doing the same thing here.
Obama wants to increase the FCC budget, and staff by 30% , Jamming a signal being used with a SWR isnt as easy as it would be with a cell phone.
The operator could just move to another band ,or even go as far as to Jam your signal as well.
In WW2 ,Hitler made owning a SWR illegal ,so did Khrushchev later in the USSR , so we may end up defending this Right as well guys.
I hope not ,but the ARRL is looking into it just in case ,so get ready to sign petitions to go along with the ones from the NRA , and all the other Rights we are seeing eroded lately.
Some of the older Radios are already illegal because of the power they can put out ,and the FCC knows this.
It isnt Illegal to own them ,you just cant exceed the 1500 watts with them.
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