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Hi Terra or anyone in the office. :)

Forum noob here. Fine looking site.

I ordered a rifle at the beginning of the month. Got a call early last week from Allison I think. Evidently it was hard to read the FFL number on the fax I sent. I sent it again minutes after hanging up and have been unable to get through since. Just a message machine. Left a message Wed, Thur, Fri. I know it's probably been insane around there since the election. Just want to make sure the second FFL fax was readable. Don't want to get bumped farther down the list. ;)

Thanks, Curt

BTW Terra, if you read this, my wife's name is Terra too. I think you are the only other person I've seen that also spells it that way. lol!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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