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Anyone know about pool tables?

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So I've got this bonus room that I don't know what to do with. I looked up the dimensions online, and it is exactly the size of the quoted minimum space needed for a full size pool table (9 ft) and maximum stick size. So, I am wondering if it was made specifically with that in mind.

Anyhow, I'd like to research all the aspects of what it would take to put a pool table in there. Maybe an 8ft table just so there is a little extra space than the minimum.

I am not any sort of expert pool player, and I live alone, so it would mostly be used for entertaining guests, if that matters for the responses.

Anyhow... to my untrained eye, I see two possible problems with the room for this purpose, that I was hoping I could get some comments on before going further:

1) It is a second floor room, and there is, of course, nothing I can do about that. Do you think the floor is stable enough to properly support the ~1000lb(?) weight of a pool table? I can't remember if I've ever seen one on the second floor of a residential structure or not. I guess it would be equivalet to four 250lb people standing in the room, which I don't think would fall through the floor or anything, but I assume the table needs to be very stable for a proper install?

2) The floor is currently carpeted. Is that a problem? I don't recall ever seeing a table on carpet before, and assume this is not desireable. I could possibly hardwood or tile the room, or whatever is recommended.

Thanks for any input,
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I have an 8' slate bed, four leg table in my second floor bonus room. We have it directly on carpet with no issues at all. The weight of the table is easily sufficient to crush the carpet and provide a solid base. Under the carpet we have basic underlay and then the board floor.

Just get the table installed professionally. Don't try and do it yourself.
A friend of mine recently purchased a Brunswick Monarch built in 1870 (or sometime thereabouts) that had been sitting in pieces in someone's garage. He paid $1750.00 for it. After doing some research and finding out what it was, he discovered that with a little restoration, his table would be worth up to $80,000. Sort of off topic, but a neat enough story to be worth sharing.

Not his table, but a link to one like it:
Thanks for the input guys (and girl). I think I will stay with the carpet. If it gets worn out, it will be relatively easy to replace.
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