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Anyone need an ar buffer and spring?

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I think I have two sets.Some CAA stocks I bought came with them and they are brand new.I have no use for them and if anyone wants em' give me a shout.

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Thanks for offering these! I might be interested in them. What wheight are they? These are for a carbine, right? What do you want to get for them?
i might be interested in one set. pm with details please. thanks
They came with the Caa stock set's I bought that come with the buffer tube assembly,spring and weight.I have no idea what weight they are because I didn't need them for an AR,I just tossed em' in the spare parts box just in case anyone needed a replacement.I don't know what a fair price for them would be,hell I just would be happy to get enough to cover shipping cost.I'll look tomorrow and see if I can find out anything about the how heavy the buffer is.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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