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Assult Rifle in Self-Defense

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This isn't so much a political question but since the general discussion section is already so full I thought I'd post this question here.

Does anyone know any stories or have links to stories where an assault rifle was used by a civilian for self-defense (home defense)? It would be very interesting to see a story where some burglar/'bad guy' broke into someones house and was killed/repelled by the home owner using an assault rifle.
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Also, just to clarify, I mean in the US specifically. I realize that there are some very cozy places on earth where this is a daily occurrence.
There was a case in florida recently where 4 home invaders broke into a house with 3 or 4 students living there. One of the students shot one of the robbers with an ak iirc.

I think it's in here somewhere http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/news_local_orlandocrime/home_invasion/index.html
Sounds like this one: http://blogs.orlandosentinel.com/news_local_orlandocrime/2007/12/one-suspect-dea.html

Doesn't say what kind of rifle though. Here is one of the comments to the article:

Maybe none of you know anything- I know all of these kids and I am a respectful law abiding citizen. They are not scum, they are normal teenagers who make mistakes sometimes, but are trying to make it in life. My family took in one of those suspects and he lived in our home for quite some time- he is a good kid who hasn't had much of a chance in life and has a worthless family who pretty much abandoned him at the age of 14. He has had to raise himself with no money and no home - he had to drop out of school to work odd jobs to live. He was smart and a hard worker- he studied hard to get his GED, his drivers license, and just passed the test to get in to the military - he was trying to find a chance at life, since he could not afford to go to college. He desperately wanted to make something of himself, but didn't have a lot of social or professional skills, from lack of training and guidance. Maybe if we focused on providing education for these kids instead of putting the ones who don't have money out on the streets to educate themselves- maybe if the schools didn't automatically write them off as losers and trouble makers- maybe if we focused more on helping them than the rich kids who automatically have a chance at life- just maybe they wouldn't be so likely to get in with the wrong crowds and end up in jail at such a young age. Maybe if the law cracked down harder the first time, it wouldn't be "normal" for college apartments to be full of drugs and guns. Yes, the kid who got killed was involved in some things he shouldn't have been, but what you don't know is that the home owner was also involved in drug dealings with him for quite some time. AND the other 2 guys that are now in jail for his homicide were not even involved in any of the scandal- they didn't have "hoodies and guns blazin". This wasn't a home invasion - there was no break in! The other guys were sitting in the car and only ran up the stairs when they saw their friend get shot to get him and take him to the car. Why doesn't everyone look at the facts for a second- maybe go to the apartment if you really want to know-you will see all of the many bullet holes through the door where the homeowner continuously shot over and over- at someone standing outside the door- not in self-defense. Even the door of the apt across from him has bullet holes. How could these be through the door if the guy who died broke in "guns blazing and all" - wouldn't they be in the house? And if you also watch the news video of the apartment, you would see if 3 guys were at the door, they would all be dead from the bullet holes. All of the neighbors testified that the 2 guys that are now in jail were in the car the whole time. AND why don't we worry about why the homeowner had 4 pounds of drugs (that is the facts) and weapons in his house that he feels comfortable shooting at someone who pisses him off?!?! The guy who died absolutely should not have been involved in drug dealings and there are risks and consequences associated with that lifestyle - but the home owner should also be charged for his murder since he knew exactly who he was, he was also involved in the drug dealings, and there was NEVER a break in. Someone's child in the other apt could have been killed and you are living in a community where drugs and guns are running rampant- but that is okay. Don't be so quick to believe a news report that has no facts except what they initially reported before getting all of the facts. What about innocent until proven guilty?
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