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Could you explain what upgrades you are looking for?

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I’ll fill you in on some things that are relevant to this discussion.


We have designed a bunch of stocks. I didn’t like any of them and I certainly don’t like the M4 stock. We offer it only because many have asked for it. I got a change to cheek the FN SCAR and the Masada. All I can say is that they’re bulky and uncomfortable. I also wonder how strong they are.

I finally found a stock design I like and we bought it. We’re improving if for the XCR. It is very innovative and much more ergonomic than the SCAR or Masada stocks. We’re trying to get it into production quickly. It won’t be expensive and will be easily attachable to your XCR. It goes from having a 10.5” to a 13” LOP. It also has an adjustable cheek piece. It is slim, strong, and looks awesome. We’ll post a picture shortly.


Our 6.8 will come with our own muzzle brake. We shot a 5.56 XCR back to back with a 6.8 XCR in both semi and full auto. The recoil of the 6.8 is so low that it’s hard to tell from the 5.56. We’re very happy with the results. We’re almost ready to start shipping the 6.8 rifles and kits.

Because 6.5 ammo is also becoming available, we made up a few 6.5 rifles last week. We tested the functionality of these rifles today. The work great. We will be shooting these at paper the rest of the week. If the accuracy is up to par, we’ll immediately put the 6.5 into production also.

Both the 6.8 and the 6.5 use the same magazines.

We also spoke with Larry Panka of C-Products today. He assures us that the 7.62x39mm magazines will be available shortly. Most likely December. He’s making them right. We’ll start our kits so that they are available as soon as the magazines are available.


Because some don’t like the trigger, we are making a whole new set. With the current trigger group, we can drastically improve it by simply putting a set screw up inside the threaded hole used hold the piston grip on. It takes the trigger down to feel much more like and good M16 trigger.


Here’s the neat thing about the XCR that the SCAR and Masada cannot claim – Our lower receiver is the registered part. The SCAR and it’s direct ripoff copy the Masada (actually the SCAR’s action is a direct ripoff of the H&K G36 which is like a AR18) have a cheap plastic lower and the upper is the registered (serialized) part.

Having the upper as the registered part is a BAD idea. Let me tell you why. The upper is the part that gets all the wear and tear. The lowers don’t get nearly as much. With the SCAR and Masada your upper including your rails is going to get worn and you’ll want to replace it like you could with you’re AR15, but you might not be able to without buying another firearm (which may not be possible because they may be banned).

The great thing about the AR15 and the XCR is that the lower is the registered part. Once you have it we can make lots of different uppers, including a lighter one.

Also, let’s say that you have an overpressure situation with either the SCAR or Masada. It’s going to bend the #&(*!! out of the upper. Also, you want to be able to replace the rail system if it gets chewed up over time. I’ve seen some of the SCARs out there and the uppers get chewed up really fast and look like crud. With the XCR, you can pitch the upper and buy a new one for $300.00. With the other two rifles, the upper is your rifle if you get my point.

So, we will not only offer some lighter uppers, but also a PDW that we’ve been working on with a 10” barrel (it must be registered as an NFA weapon of course).


We don’t have the front sight done yet and it won’t be until we do the .308 model.

Marks on Rails

We haven’t numbered the rails. It’s a good idea. We can do this. Please let us know how you want them marked.

Ultimate Rifle

We are working to make your rifle the ultimate rifle. By the end of this year we will be shooting at least five calibers in the current XCR. I seriously doubt that any other rifle can shoot as many calibers as well as the XCR. We are committed to making the XCR as perfect as any rifle can be. We are working on lots of new accessories for the XCR. NO OTHER PLATFORM IS AS FLEXIBLE.

Thank you for your support!!!

Alex Robinson
Robinson Armament Co.

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When do you expect the upgraded triggers to make production?

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awesome... the point made about the uppers being the registered parts on the scar and masada is what I've been saying for awhile. seems they could prove to be quite the inconvenience with the wrong set of circumstances...

I'm pumped for the conversions, the new stock, and the pdw!

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This news is very encouraging. With that being said I don't really have much to complain about anyway since Bill Springfield did my trigger. I don't mind the ACE folding stock but I can see how others may like something different. Variety is nice.

I still can't pick between a 6.8SPC and The 6.5G > leaves me with a firm vote for 7.62x39 mainly because of ammo cost.

The only problem now is Aussie has me looking at his SBR way too much!

Kudos on listening to the customers though.


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I think that the 10" barrel will be in the PDW which will have a shorter handguard allowing for a shorter gas system. Alex did tell me that he looked at a 10" barrel for the rifle but discarded the thought due to possible cyclic reasons?
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