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Baretta Px4 Storm sub compact 9mm... any good deals?

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Hey, I figured what with all the *hard* work I do.... you guys could keep your eyes peeled on a good deal for one of these? I want one really bad... new, they're about $575....I'm hoping for a $400 range. Let me know if you see anything! Thanks guys :)
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Well Terra, did you find one? I've been wanting one of these since they released plans. Are they shipping yet? Best price?
Aussie, what price can you do the .40 version for?
I've got it taken care of. biding my time now. *ahhh... oh god... the money.. it burns... my pocket...*

Is that the compact or full size? The compacts are yet to be released for sale.
sub-compact...the little baby one. If it's not out, keep me in mind for when it is as I am very, very interested.
No!!!! It's my trademark gun!!! Roy, don't sell him anything! :mad:

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Oi! I want the .40, not the 9mm.
So? You're a dirty copycat! ;D
Oh! If it's that upsetting I'll just have to buy somethng else for my wife.
I kid ;) Buy her one!
terra what about this pistol do you like better than say the glock 26, hk p2000sk, or kahr pm9?

are you gonna ccw it? if so, good for you :D
I can't CCW it. Not old enough. I believe you have to be 21. :(
you can't ccw until 21 but you can buy a pistol before 21? lame...

check those other pistols out too 8)
I know... it's a tragedy. :( Once I do get a CCW, I am going to go apeshit! lol
CCW small 9 Terra you might also want to check out the Sig P250. :2cents:
Aussie, any idea when the sub-compact PX4 will be out in .40?
Since we don't have a "Other Guns" section I decided to resurrect this one.

Terra, I finally got one!

Just picked it up from my FFL.

Notice the fold down pinky extension on one of the magazine floorplates. It folds down for extension, or snaps up flush. This is the same style extension used on the Beretta 9000S mag.



In the box

I'll post up a report as soon as I can get it to the range. 8)
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You're a mean, mean man. :mad:
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