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BATFE just cashed my check!

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The BATFE just cashed my check, WOO HOO! The count down begins on the SWR Omega 30 caliber can. I went the Trust route and mailed in all the paper work about a week ago. Now I'll have to start looking for thread adaptors for the barrels I have that aren't cut to 5/8x24tpi. Here's the list of barrels I hope to try it out on:

7.62x39 XCR (still waiting for the conversion kit)
7.62x51 FAL (already have an adaptor for this one since it was recut for a PWS combi brake)
300 Weatherby (already have a muzzle break on it but will have to check the thread size)
7mm-08 Encore
5.56 XCR
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Congrats, give it about 40 days and it should be back in your hands.
As of right now, the only barrel I could put it on is the FAL, no hardship there. I was going to order the adaptors for the other barrels that are already rifled and discovered I couldn't find my calipers - damn, I hate it when that happens. I know it's in the house somewhere, but if I leave things out my wife tends to "put them away" for me.
I hate it when mine does that...still looking for my Strider Folding knife.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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