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As of last Thursday here is how we stand on Obama.

BBC / 01/29.09.
ABC Poll indicates growing unpopularity of the Obama Administration.

Upon seeing this it comes to no surprise to me , only that it is a little later than i expected.
Those of us who know ,some of whom are the former enemy's of this Great Republic.
That this is the beginning of something that we have seen before ,and many have never felt the sting from , while others seem to take this for granted ,or they are inclined to forget.

Only 16.4% said they were in the mood to… - Look for common ground where I can work with Obama. Frankly, I was amazed that any thought that they had anything in common with the new administration. Clearly, they have not watched the first two weeks of full-tilt leftist attacks on everything American…

The other 86.4% are in no mood to unite with the new leadership in Washington DC at all…

75% said they are in the mood to… - Focus on my personal affairs until the 2010 mid-term election… They have disengaged from the political process and hope to make a difference two years down the road in the mid-term elections. They may be sadly surprised by what happens to this country before the next mid-term elections arrive. A lot of damage can be done in the next two years, based upon the damage done in the first two weeks. But I certainly understand the sentiment…

25% said they were in the mood to… - Engage in daily communication with congress to get what I want! Clearly, most do not think that congressional Republicans are in any position to help! Only 9.4% think it’s even worth a try.

Here’s where the poll results become most interesting…

68.2% said they are ready to… - Fight the left in issue by issue combat! Recognizing that without any real representation in Washington DC today, they must fight every battle themselves, the largest group of respondents aim to take on the anti-American left in an issue by issue struggle.

This number does NOT include the 9.4% who think they can work through congress in this effort. This 68.2% will work outside of the system to make a difference, through PACs and single issue initiatives via organizations, such as the NRA on 2nd Amendment rights.

Last and most interesting, a full 59.3% said they were in the mood to… - Stock up on weapons and wait for the riots to begin!

The left will undoubtedly interpret this group as the right-wing extreme element of the conservative movement, who cling to their bibles and guns in the absence of elitist intellect, preferred by secular socialists. This is a gross misinterpretation, knowing Americans as I do…

This is actually the group which is very politically engaged, very well informed and very well aware of the fact that the same secular socialist policies that led people in Iceland, Greece and Russia to the streets in angry protest, will soon deliver the same results here in America.

These are the folks who know that “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” That they alone are responsible for their own safety and security in a world on the brink of financial crisis, which will soon have Obama supporters taking to the streets in anger to get what Obama, told them they are entitled to, your stuff…

These folks realize that congressional Republicans have no power to stop the unbridled socialism being fast-tracked through congress today.
Obama Cannot Unite the Nation, in truth he should pack his bags and call it good before it is done for him.

As the American media now begins to remove the Rose Colored Glasses of the past three months , people in both political party's are seeing that this may have been the single largest mistake ever made in their Electoral Process.

Like so many other things ,America has always had its own brand of doing things. Socialism in America was never accepted ,or taken any farther than the Carter or Clinton Administrations.
Each time this was meet with 8 years afterwards of a Conservative effort to repair the damage done by the previous 4 years of failure.

But no Administration before has become so untrusted ,and hated as fast or as early as the one we see today.
In fact Private gun ownership surged 15% in just four days after the election results . fueling fears throughout the world that this was going to be a Bloody repercussion to what was seen on election day.
The American Public can become the most deadly and resourceful of Army's when they are provoked.

Behind closed doors the leaders of most the Industrialized Nations ponder if they even want to approach the Obama Administration with any sort of dialog.
We all watched in Horror as an unknown who hadn't even shown who he was ,or where he was really from , stole an election in broad daylight useing the tactics seen only in third world politics.
After that it seemed the entire American basis for any trust or law had been totally parallelized ,or removed entirely.

This has resulted in many Nations now not willing to renew any trade contacts or treaty's, with a blind Government that allowed this to happen. Supported only by a small segment of the American public who all the while is giggling like a teen ager over a Rock Star.

But it has been noticed that the whimpers heard for the weeks after the November 4th Election ,by the Heartland of America , is now becomeing the ROAR so many in the past had feared ,and so many now expected sooner.
Americans traditionally are truly a Peaceful People ,and what sets most other Countrys off quickly ,festers with them over time.

But American rage becomes a scorched earth policy, once they have had enough.
Then a People known for peace , Are then a People and a will never before seen by other Nations , in the devastating aftermath resulting from exacting the Resolve and finality of their Revenge.
Those of you who are the force attempting this farce , or what ever is the involvement behind what we are seeing happen in this Country should take careful note.

You have very much proceeded at great peril , and in doing so History will only know you as a pile of once foolish bones and ashes.
And a Great Nation will emerge once more ,only this time one who is not so kind or forgiving.
At the expense of your demise for generations to come.

John Handler
BBC world net

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Excellent read, the last couple paragraphs brought tears to my eyes (in a manly way).
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