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Beautiful 7.62x39 VEPR K

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I have a guy who has a gorgeous custom 7.62x39 VEPR K for sale. If you are interested, please PM me and I will give you some cantact info for him.
p.s. That is real 24 carat gold on it. ;)

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So how much would it cost to un-f**k it? :)

And what kind of trigger is that? I was under the impression that the VEPR trigger was proprietary, but never tried swapping it. The finger pad portion is certainly shaped differently than the more standard AK looking trigger pictured.

To me, the weaknesses of the VEPR were as follows:

Weight (sort of my fault). I knew it was going to be heavy, but damn... it was heavy.

Furniture: What you see is what you get. I really wanted to add a folder, but, no dice.

And the biggest thing: The front mounting point of the handguard puts plastic in direct contact with hot barrel. That means a 150rd mag dump results in this:

Oddly enough, RA seemed a bit perplexed when I called them and told them why I was ordering a new handguard. Apparently, not many VEPR owners actually ever heated their rifles up.

So, my VEPR went bye-bye. Some days I miss it. I certainly wish I held it longer than I did.
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Of all thing to put gold on, he chose a gun :banghead:
I just dont get it...
hmm.. he did some custom trigger job, i believe. he's been dolling up guns for years....

and some of you have altered your xcr triggers... don't lie now... :p :D
Bling-Bling.....Bang-Bang..... ;D
I thought the stock VEPR trigger was pretty nice.
I this would be something that a Saudi with a gold toilet seat would buy.
Does he have another one like this? I would only be interested if i had a matched pair for close-in "rambo" style work.
You guys all pick on Ron :mad: He named that the Terra K model, just so you know.

I really like it... lol.

That's the only one he has, Jack. I just sent him some beautiful wooden furniture sets, though... so he's going to play with his other two VEPRs now.
Hey, quit being mean. Pimps have to be able to buy their guns somewhere!
It's not so bad as it was well executed. It would be kinda cool in my livingroom over my fireplace, except for the fact that i like to use my guns quite vigorously. heck I'd show you's a picture of my XCR, except I just cleaned it and it kinda looks like new :-X

I feel so dirty when my guns look all pretty and stuff. :duh:
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