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Best place to buy MIAD grip?

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Hey guys! Ordered my XCR last Thursday and it got here today (Tuesday)! 5 days including a weekend and a holiday. Cool!

I'm dressing it up now and have settled on the MIAD full grip kit. I would've gone with the ERGO grip if I could have bought the MagPul trigger guard thing separately.

Who has the best price on the MIAD grips? It's $45.95 on the MagPul site. Anyone know who has them for less? Link?

Any help is appreciated! 8)
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I've bought mine from Bravo Company.

And, you can buy the trigger guard separately. In fact, the one you buy separately is anodized aluminum, and the one that comes with the full kit is plastic.

Get the basic kit. It is much better bang for the buck. I would know; I got ripped off on the full kit the first time around.
Thanks NY! 8)
Also, while Magpul stuff is great, I would recommend not buying it straight off their website. They are slow as slow can be, and I think I placed one order that was just never filled at all. IIRC, it was for some rail covers, and I just got tired of waiting, ordered them from somewhere else, and figured that the order from Magpul would be filled one day, and you can always use more rail covers. It never went through.

Buy from one of their distributors.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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