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The amirikan residents have become whores - willing to trade their votes for the promise of easy money. Isn't that what a whore does? A specific action (in this case vote, but certainly not limited to "other" actions) for payment? Well, I call 'em as I see 'em.
Uh, I think that what you defined right there is any job in the service industry. Providing a specific action for compensation?

Describing the American public as voting for a "promised... pay raise" sounds more like trading a specific action for payment down the road (or the potential for payment down the road). To me, that sounds more like what farmers do. A specific action (planting and cultivating) in the hope of a harvest (payment).

So, in my opinion, it is more accurate to say that American residents have become like farmers - willing to "plant" their votes for the promise of a "harvest."

So when you vote, understand that you're actually attempting to outvote the American resident farmers.
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