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Greta and even a Female CNN anchor came out after this report and said ,Its about time the men in this campaign come out and answer some questions.
(Instead of either blame the woman or get the woman to do it for you !!)
That statement hit home with a lot of voters , even Obama supporters were calling in saying they didn't care for Palin ,but why is it always Palin taking the most heat and scrutiny ?
Obama said today the election was only a formality now , Allen Combs said that
He is going by early voting and a lot of that is ACORN and is being investigated.
Early voting in the Republican corner is only at 5% right now and this could turn drastically on November 4th.
Bill Clinton warned Obama not to say things like that ,voters do not like arrogance. And he was acting way to cocky with statements that may surprise him on election day.
It seems the women are the real fighters in this whole thing.
I really believe there will be what is called a smoke vote on the 4th ,that is where you act like your with all your liberal buddy's ,but you vote for McCain because you cant stand Obama . This would give Hillary another shot in 2012 if McCain wins ,and they couldn't call you a racist.
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